Dstv installations Lakeside Estates

DStv Installations Lakeside Estates

DStv Installations  Lakeside Estates thrive in making your viewing experience a pleasure. Our highly skilled and trained DStv Installers Lakeside Estates are here to help.

Two of the new  DStv Installations  Lakeside Estates  are the DSTV Explora 2A and the DSTV Explora 3A. The DSTV Explora 3A is the latest out of the two models.

So when having  gaze at the latest model the 3A Explora,  DStv Installations  Lakeside Estates  will immediately notice that it is smaller in size compared to the 2A. Everything about it is smaller, even the smart card ,which is so small that it looks like it could be a dstv  card for a explora or lnb.

One thing that has not changed, is that the 3A and the 2A have the exact same recording capacity (being one hundred and ten hours of recording space).One of the noticeable changes with the new Explora is that it’s front display panel is no longer there.

DStv Installations Lakeside Estates

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The latest design does not put the number of which channel you are watching on display in the front. Now, if you want to look and see which channel you are on , you must take your remote and click on the screens menu and the channel number will be displayed.

When you buy the  DStv Installations  Lakeside Estates, it only lets the installation on of one Xtraview decoder, so the total amount of decoders it connects with is two .If you would like a third to be connected, you will need and LNB with four ports like the A2 has. So if your choice between the two decoders depends on how many you will need – if you need more go with the A2. Now with the 3A model, the whole lowering of the temperature is different as now this model does not have so many sources that cause it to heat up as much.

This new decoder does not need a fan for cooling anymore.

All it has is a heatsink now. Always remember to make sure that your decoder, whether it’s the A2 , A3 or an older model have access to a good air supply.

Also a word of advice for the use of any decoder is never place  your  DStv Installations  Lakeside Estates  on top of any machine that could potentially cause it to overheat.